2012 Changes

4 Jan

Today is the 4th day of 2012 and so I decided to change the purpose of this blog. Yey!!!

Previously, I would only put articles regarding communication and other topics like the internet, PR, social media and all things related to Organizational Communication (except that post about a man and a woman since its a sin not to share it with the world) but now I decided that this blog page would contain all my experiences as a young professional so that I can try documenting them and look back on them someday in the future.

My next post would probably be regarding my review of 2011 and the pleasant memories as well as the not so happy moments in my life.


Google’s video predictor application

14 Oct

BNET magazine published an e-article about Google’s future plans to create an application that will predict the demographics via the video watching habit of the people. According to Mr. Erik Sherman’s article, the application is

a predictive engine to determine demographics for people based on what videos they watch. The system would further allow Google to predict what demographic groups would be more likely to watch a new video, regardless of any headlines, descriptions, or other “meta” data that tries to describe the video.

And to see how serious and sure they are of this application, Google has even filed a patent for the said application.

I think in the future, this application can help a lot of market researchers because watching videos online has been part of our daily rituals as netizens. Sample fact is the popularity of Youtube nowadays, if something big happened on a country, expect a Youtube video to be uploaded after 2 minutes. It is true that a lot can be said about a person’s interest regarding the videos that he/she usually watches that may help predict the other related interest of that said individual as long as the the application or program is reliable and a lot of people have a Youtube account. Lets see what the future has in store for that. 🙂

Can a man and woman be JUST FRIENDS?

6 Oct

This is article is just a repost. I’ve found this on my old email address when I cleared it and deleted all 14,528 mails from my past mail subscriptions.


Things learned from intergender friendships

By Mariel G. Calalo

THE PREMISE of this article lies on the principle that sometimes, loving a person doesn’t mean it has to be romantic and loving a person for the rest of your life doesn’t mean you have to end up marrying them. Can a man and a woman just be friends? I’d say yes and they should be.

Hindi dahil kinaibigan ka, liligawan ka na. Not every guy who befriends you has an ulterior motive. Get over yourself. Don’t flatter yourself. There is a reason why he befriended you, but don’t automatically assume that it’s because he wants to be your so-called boyfriend. If this will be the principle you’ll follow every time someone asks you to be his friend, you’re gonna miss a great deal from the friendship.

Hindi dahil mabait sa iyo, nililigawan ka na. There are people who are naturally sweet and kind. There are people who are innately good and no matter how wicked you seem, they just find it so easy to be kind to you. It doesn’t mean he is courting you. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary stress trying to figure out if he’s courting you or not. Because I think if he is, you won’t have to guess, you’ll know and you’ll be very certain about it.

Hindi dahil he talks to you a lot, he loves you na. You don’t befriend a person if you absolutely abhor him, right? Chances are you make sense when he talks to you, or you’re probably very patient listening to him. The two of you probably connect on some level but why does it always have to be assumed to be romantic? Being two intelligent, mature human beings, you need to accept that it’s nice to share a cup of coffee over a stimulating conversation, and that you don’t have to automatically put romantic connotation to it. Relieve yourself of the pressure. It’s just coffee and a shared interest.

Hindi dahil cute ang friend mo, crush/love mo na siya. This is the most amusing thing that hit me lately. People always assume that because your friend is cute or should I say, hot (because cute is a word you describe your high school crush while hot is a word you use to describe a hunk), “lakas amats mo na for repapips!” Let me just say this, at least from my own personal experience, I’m just nearsighted, I haven’t gone blind. I can still appreciate God’s creation! However, there will always be weird things, crazy things, stupid things that will keep you, believe me, from having a crush on him. First of all, you’d know his history with women, enough to judge what’s good for you. Second, don’t you just hate it when a guy who’s absolutely always put together, who looks intelligent enough pronounces the word country as “kawntri” and the word mango as “meynggo.” Call me crazy for judging a person just because he can’t pronounce these words right. I admit, I’m crazy.

Hindi dahil you hang out with each other most of the time, you’d end up being boyfriend-girlfriend. Self-explanatory… There are a thousand, no million different reasons why things don’t always turn out that way. There is no one proven formula. For all we know, the reason why he likes hanging out with you is because he likes getting kikay tips from you. He probably plans on being kikay himself and he needs a mentor.

A dinner with a guy friend does not necessarily mean equate to a date. Especially if you’re paying for your share no. Hello? Three things to consider: the place, the topic and how the two of you actually planned to meet. First, how it was planned. If it were a date expect that he would ask you out at least three days before the actual date to give you some lead time, to give you the notion that you are not just a filler on his schedule. Second, the place. If it were a real date, the both of you would want real food and a place where you could really talk things through. Don’t go out with a guy to a movie on Friday night if you’re really serious about him. Going to a movie is more like treating him like a “filler” just because you had nothing to do on a Friday night so you might as well go out. Topic. Ha! You wouldn’t be talking about chikang artista, chikang opisina or argue if the one girl’s boobs are real or not. You would be probably talking about sensible, quite personal stuff.

I therefore conclude that platonic relationships are never complicated; people just have tendencies to complicate them

Books are Eternal

7 Aug

I love reading. When I was a cute little kid on Kindergarten,

I always go to the library after school and spend a couple of hours there just reading stories and browsing through the myths and fables section. I always feel so elated just opening these books, looking at the pictures and reading the stories, imagining myself as the evil fairy setting fire on the house of the stupid damsels in distress..

But because I am too absorbed with the books I am reading, I was always left behind by my school service because the driver couldn’t find me and I usually end up being picked-up by my mom. (One day I will hunt you down Manong driver for leaving little-Vianne at that time, you just wait…)

Throughout my elementary, high school and college days, I never abandoned my love for reading.

When I was on high school, the bonding moments me and my younger sister share are conducted at the nearest National Bookstore, reading books and escaping the heat at home. After we had our lunch, we would ask money from our parents and ride a tricycle to go to the mall and go straight to NBS.

We would then get the opened books that we wanted (we swear we are not those kids who opens the covered books when the warning says “Do not open books”) and find a comfortable carpet to sit on. After reading for about 3-4 hours, I was usually the one who tells my sister that we need to get home but would always end up in a fight because she doesn’t want to go home yet and she’s still not finished reading her manga… that little brat.

Nowadays, even though books are still available, E-BOOKS have also been really popular. According to Wikipedia,

An e-book (short for electronic book and also known as a digital book, ebook, and eBook) is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book, sometimes restricted with a digital rights management system.

There are a lot of advantages in using them. Ebooks are

a.) cheap – I do not want to deal with the digitals right management issues but lets face it, there are ALOT of ebooks freely available on the internet. They can either be directly downloaded from links or they can be downloaded using torrent without paying any cent.

b.) convenient – If you want this specific book that a friend has recommended and when you went to your favorite bookstore, they are not available, just search the net and tada!

c.) easy to carry – If you want to have the Harry Potter series as well as the Percy Jackson books, just put them in your laptop, ebook reader, iPad, cellphone etc. and you can already bring them everywhere without the hassle of lugging around those heavy books.

Honestly, I also LOVE ebooks. I think I have 200+ ebooks on my hard drive with different authors and in different genres. From sci-fi to horror, love stories and inspirational.

But even if I have all these ebooks, I can say that NOTHING BEATS THE TRADITIONAL.

For me these are the reasons why:

a.) Flipping the page I don’t know why but I just have this feeling of getting more satisfaction on reading a page and flipping it to get to the next page rather than just clicking the scrollbar. It feels like “HA! next page!!! woot~”

b.) Bookmarks In ebook readers if you want to bookmark a page, you double click  here and there to get it done.

In traditional books, you even get to use your favorite bookmarks. You either buy a nice simple bookmark with your star sign in them (Taurus – You are brooding emotion incarnate. One minute you’re up, the next you’re down…) or you can even make your own! (Mine has a topless Kim Jaejoong in it.)

c.) Carrying Although they say that it is one of the disadvantage of having a book, I think it is a bit fun it is your favorite novel. I think the fun in there is the act of flaunting to everyone your favorite book without actually talking about it. For example, when I was on my 4th year in High School and I was carrying my friend’s hardbound Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book. At that time, the book was just release after 2 weeks so people who have read it are anxious to talk about the story to other people. I actually had some strangers come up to me and we squealed *ehem* talked about the book and its characters.

d.) Accessible If you want to read an ebook, you need to turn on your PC or laptop or iPad and wait for it to open. But that is a bit problematic for me since I am the type of person who sits around and whenever my mind drift towards the book that I have just read few days ago, I’d want to open them again just to read a certain part and enjoy that paragraph or sentence. I am usually not patient enough to open the PC, scroll, and read that part then turn off the PC. I usually just want to open the book, flip it, laugh, close the book and open it again anytime I want.

e.) Display You cannot display ebooks because they are just stored in your PC or any ebook reader. But when I have a set of books or series of books displayed on our shelf I just have this feeling of happiness just by looking at them. You know that feeling when a parent looks at her children full of pride? HAHA. Just like that, because I get to think “HA! Those are my books! My COLLECTION! I have read them MWAHAHA” or something in that sense.

Although my reasons seem shallow with these simple pleasures I experience having my traditional books, I am sure that even after 50 years and I am still alive and kicking, even if people already have flying cars or we already live in Mars and ebooks are already the “hottest thang” I think I’ll be the little grandma who goes into a museum and devotedly reads the good ol’ traditional books.

Women, Sex and the Workplace

5 Aug

Here is an interesting article at Bnet Magazine (www.bnet.com) — one of my favorite websites because the things written here are perfect for OrCom professionals like me. (really?!) — where the author talks about women, sex and the workplace.

Sounds like a movie title, but honestly this is an interesting insight of a male author regarding how women should present themselves in the work place.

BTW, to anyone who might have read this blog last year.. dun dun dun dun… I’m already an OrCom professional!!!

So, I really am sorry for those people who have asked me a question but I haven’t had the chance to reply at their messages.

I was actually busy… ummm… and my dog died… ok I don’t have a dog… well, my pet iguana had a heart attack…. but I don’t know if iguanas had heart attacks since they are cold-blooded and they don’t have a heart… (get it?! cold-blooded = evil. HAHA. crap that was seriously lame) No, honestly I don’t exactly have a viable reason why I haven’t updated but the important thing is… I’m back!!!!

And after being on a hiatus in this communication blog, I promise to update this as much as possible, because… well… ok I’m updating this on a whim and some other noble reason that I will think of later.

Ok enough ranting, the article I was talking about on my first sentence is located below 🙂


Sexual Politics for Young Women in Sales Jobs

By Geoffrey James | August 4, 2010

If you haven’t bookmarked Penelope Trunk’s Free Beer blog on BNET, you’re missing some really interesting discussions about business.  Her most recent post destroys the tired myth that men make more than women — a “factoid” that’s based upon invalid statistics.

In that post, however, Ms. Trunk provides some lousy advice to her fellow young women about sexual politics.  And since the majority of new sales pros are women, I thought I’d provide my own observations as a counterweight.  Ms. Trunk advises:

“Don’t pretend to be a guy at work. Don’t dress like a guy by wearing boring suits. Show some cleavage – yup, you read that right – because guys like working with women they are attracted to. And show some leg because it’s fun – legs are the easiest thing to flaunt and the last thing to go. Women who dress like women move up the ladder faster because men think those women are smarter.”

Her statement is basically correct, but she’s badly misinterpreting what’s going on.  Men don’t really think that attractive women are

smarter than unattractive women.  What’s actually happening is that — no matter how ridiculous and impossible such thing might be — they’re thinking in the back of their brain that they might get some action.  As a result, a man will almost always treat an attractive woman more nicely than an unattractive one.

However, this power over men’s minds is a double-edged sword.  Women who lay it on too heavily or too long run the risk of being seen as manipulative. That was probably the real lesson behind the infamous sales rep Debrahlee Lorenzana who got in trouble at her workplace for coming off too sexy.

Contrary to popular female belief, men aren’t complete idiots. Even a man with plenty of Neanderthal DNA will eventually get to the point where his big brain tells his little brain to “shut the eff up and let me get some freakin’ work done.”

More importantly, dressing too sexy can close off an important avenue to fast track success: getting mentored.  While exceptions no doubt exist, it’s my observation that older women (Ms. Trunk calls them “bitchy, outdated ranters“) aren’t interesting in mentoring young women.  Sad to say, older women tend to see younger women as threats and dressing sexy just makes that situation worse.

For a typical (albeit exaggerated) example of female “mentoring”, check out the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.” In that film, the older female character (Meryl Streep) mentors the younger female (Anne Hathaway) by treating her like crap and then dumping her the minute she shows some independence.

In most cases, if a young woman is going to be mentored, it’s going to be by an older man.  And unless she plans on sleeping her way to the top, what a young woman wants is an older man who sees her as a daughter figure and therefore out-of-bounds as as sexual partner.

A really great movie that investigates this dynamic is “Up in the Air”where the George Clooney character, though a bit of a rake, does not pursue the young woman (Anna Kendrick), but instead helps her achieve her career goals, even though her success will mean the end of the job he loves.

What about younger men?  That’s a slightly different story.  The right role there for a young woman is to become “one of the team”, but not “one of the boys.”  To do that, she should dress attractively, but never overly sexy, and never, ever, EVER flirt with team members — unless you plan on sleeping with them.  Think Elaine on the old TV show Seinfeld.

So Ms. Trunk is right about dressing attractively, and maybe showing a bit of cleavage, but it’s a BIG mistake to turn up the amperage. Dressing too sexy will sour your relationships with other women (especially older ones), alienate the men your own age, and irritate the older men who might otherwise be willing to mentor.

READERS: I realize that the above is chock full of my personal opinions.  But, gee, I’m calling it like I see it and I’ve seen plenty.

source: http://www.bnet.com/blog/salesmachine/sexual-politics-for-young-women-in-sales-jobs/11295?tag=mantle_skin;content


My opinion:

I think Mr. Geoffrey James is right, at this age and time, though women are given more freedom to dress and flaunt what they want, there is a limit to everything.

Women who dress like women move up the ladder faster because men think those women are smarter

Really?! Nah I don’t think so. And in my opinion, I do not think that the perception of male employees on the intellect or competency of their female co-worker are only dependent on how prettily or sexily those women dress. Sure, we (as in including me) can impress male co-workers in presenting ourselves properly but to show some cleavage?!

Will that make them think “Wow nice boobs, she must be VERY intelligent” on the contrary, if we dress too sexily I think that they may actually interpret that as a female who are flaunting herself too much and relies on her looks and body to get what she wants rather than her other “assets” who cannot be seen physically.

If a woman dress too sexily or shows too much skin, I think the only male employees who she may impress are those buffoons who think of women as an object rather than as a co-worker. How will you get the respect of a co-worker, male or female, if you dress up as a flagrantly accessible woman in your work place?

This is just my opinion, and I do not think that I am an uptight person nor an exaggerated conservative, I actually am open to a lot of things, I even support same-sex marriage and such, but this topic is just a perfect example of how some women in the workplace demands respect from men yet they commit actions that may have the opposite consequence.

Plagiarism on the Internet

26 Oct

Just recently, I did a bit of ego surfing and searched google if other people linked or commented on their pages about the things that I wrote before or the videos that I made.

I saw a lot of sites and multiply accounts as well as forums talking about some of the videos I made, which made me really happy. I want to post the videos here but decided that it really is not related to communication so I’ll just mention that the videos are about my fave band, TVXQ.

And of course, since a lot of people liked my video, I saw a lot of accounts posting it on their blog, or linking it in the forums and others.

But other than these videos, I’ve tumbled another blog which posted a crazy poem I made years ago. I posted the poem on my old blog, which I made five years ago, back when I was on third year high school.

When I came upon THIS person’s blog, lets just call her Blogger A, I saw her post my poem with a statement at the bottom, “Just made this because I got bored and want to share everyone this little poem. Enjoy!”

I was really shocked as hell, I mean, how could she own my poem!

Even if I did it on a whim, it is my work and the product of my pink squishy brain!

After I saw this post, being the calm civilized OrCom student that I am, I wore my OrCom fedora hat and messaged her requesting the post to be deleted or atleast credit me at the end.

This experience got me really thinking, because information is available for everyone on the internet, where should a person draw the line when it comes to copying and posting another’s work on the net?

How could we even track down people like Blogger A who took other’s work and declare it as their own?

Should they be given punishment like being stoned to death, flogging or just be forever banned in cyberspace… *insert evil laugh here*

But as for me, just like what our professor taught us, I known that we should always credit properly. Be it on an academic paper, thesis paper or just merely blogposts, we should always respect other people’s work and cite them as the real source of the information.

I actually want to post Blogger A’s blog here but I dont want to be mean or anything. haha

English as a tool for discrimination

26 Oct

Whenever I look for sponsor companies either for a class event or a school organization, I would always practice my best English accent beforehand and memorize the outline of what I need to say.

I will call a company, introduce myself, what university and organization I came from, then request for the contact number of the marketing department whom I will talk and  negotiate with.


Because of this, I realized that there is a big difference when calling a company and talking in English or in Filipino. Whenever I call at companies, everyone whom I talk to, if I speak to them in proper English and with all the formalities, they will usually be very courteous and always refer to me as Ma’am.

But when I tried calling using the Filipino language, but nonetheless very respectful and formal, I was met with disappointment because some of them were a bit rude and regarded me as if I am of lower intellect. They refered to me as “Miss” and did not connect me immediately, unlike when I called before using the English language.

This scenario also happens everywhere, some people are treated as if they do not know anything just because they are not fluent in English. Me and my fellow batchmates are lucky because we are of the OrCom course and we are trained to properly speak in English.

But how about those brilliant people who has all the ideas in the world yet they just cant articulate themselves well in English?

I know that being good in English is a very big advantage, we as OrCom majors know that very well, but I just think that this language shouldn’t be use to discriminate other people or make others feel inferior.

Because personally, I think that English is a tool that should be used to bring people all over the world together, and not be used as a means of discrimination.